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Find the answers to the most frequently asked
questions about Praventa for Cats

Does PraventaTM for Cats compare to Advantage® II from Elanco?

PraventaTM for Cats contains Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen, the active ingredients found in Advantage® II.

How often should you apply PraventaTM for Cats? 

It should be applied once per month to protect from fleas.

Is PraventaTM for Cats waterproof?  

Yes, but it is recommended that you wait for 24 hours after the topical is applied before allowing cat to get wet (bathing, letting it outside in rain, etc).

How soon after a bath can I apply my spot-on? What if flea shampoo was used?

Once the pet has been towel-dried and no more than once monthly in a soap-free pet shampoo. If a flea shampoo was used, we recommend waiting 7 days to apply the product.

Can I apply PraventaTM for Cats on my dog? 

No, never apply a cat product on a dog and never apply a dog product on a cat.

Is it safe to apply PraventaTM for Cats on my cat if I have a dog?

PraventaTM for Cats can be used on a cat that lives in the same household as a dog, however, the dog or dogs – particularly those that like to be close to or groom cats – should be kept separated from a cat that has been treated for about 48 hours, after which time it’s safe for the animals to interact again.

Is it okay to use a flea and tick shampoo and apply a topical spot-on at the same time?

It is not recommended to use multiple flea and tick treatments on your pet at the same time.

After I applied PraventaTM for Cats on my cat it started salivating and having tremors.

If your cat continues to scratch, have tremors or salivate wash the topical off of your pet immediately and call your veterinarian.

Can I use the same size of topical on my two cats?

You need to apply the product on your cat that matches their weight break.  If your cats are different weights, they should use the product properly labeled for their individual weights.    The danger is in the dose, so it is important to use the appropriate product for both safety and efficacy reasons.

Does PraventaTM for Cats expire?

PraventaTM for Cats has a long shelf life when left in the original sealed package and therefore does not include an expiration date.

Speed of kill for fleas:

Killed within 1 day